Lassi n Shakes is all about Best Quality, Right Quantity at Affordable Pricing. One stop solution for all your food cravings. It's kind of mini Food court, where one can get Waffles, Burgers, Pizzas, rolls/ wraps, Sandwiches, Broasted Fried Chicken along with Mocktails, Smoothies, juices, Kulfies, Tea & Coffees, Milkshakes/ Thickshakes and also traditional drinks like Lassi and Falooda.

One can run it as Commercial Quick Service Cafe or as a proper dine in Cafe or as a cloud kitchen also. We secure the quality with our secret and simplified recipes, which helps in making drinks and snacks quickly and with same taste repeatedly.

Objective with Lassi n shakes is to offer best quality food at affordable prices. A family of 4 people can fulfil their cravings under Rs.500 at any Lassi n Shakes store. Our Menu offers 18 categories with around 120 items of food and beverages. Average ticket value is Rs.80 and gross profit margin of 60-70%. our secret is pocket friendly pricing gives secured business in all seasons.

Launched in May 2019, brand has successfully opened 140+ outlets in 10 different states. Lassi n shakes franchise call for an investment of Rs. 4,5Lakhs for ExpressModel which offers Cold and Hot beverages and 7,5L for Cafe with both food and Beverages. Assured Earnings or Money Return Policy( AE- MRP) is included in Cafe model. In this amount The brand offers free training, Billing Software, Free Marketing, total Equipment’s are included along with Branding and Design of store.

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