Role Of Master Franchisees

Our Master Franchisee should be passionate and motivated entrepreneur who is willing to strengthen our franchise development program. Success of any unit franchise is dependent upon support and guidance from the Mother Company and master franchisee.

Master Franchise secures the rights to develop the business under the brand name in a specified region. The master franchisee is then responsible for recruiting franchisees in that area and providing training, supplying material and additional ongoing support.

Rewards & Returns

A master franchisee can earn more income than a normal franchise. For a normal franchise, retail store is directly offered. Whereas a master franchisee can generate income through own stores with a significantly reduced administrative fee and franchise fee. The rewards and return on investment is three-fold. When a franchise is sold in their territory, the master franchisee receives a percentage of the franchise fee. They also share in the monthly sales revenue of stock each franchisee pays to the franchisor. This is the most significant component of the reward. As the master franchisee builds out their territory adding more and more franchisees, this monthly revenue stream grows.The third revenue stream will be from the unit they own, which in many cases will be their own multiple units.


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